Brain Research Support Foundation
named after academician N.P.Bekhtereva

President of the Foundation,
academician of the RAS S.V.Medvedev

Map of neurobiological research

Principles of totality and distributivity

Cerebral cortex.
Contexts. Handling the meaning of information

Cortical minicolumn.
Biology of computation in memory

Behavior and thinking.
Reinforcement learning. Error Detector

Principles of occurrence of emotional evaluations

The study of brain mechanisms that provide consciousness

Map of artificial intelligence research

Learning in combinatorial space

Processing of the meaning in the space of contexts

Strong generalization.
Combinatorial space above contexts

The application of the contextual-semantic approach
in natural language understanding

Reinforcement learning in the space of contexts
Implementation of parallel modeling of possible outcomes

Principles of emotional evaluations

The main objectives of the Research Fund

Experimental verification of the brain model

Creation of strong artificial intelligence based on the principles of the functioning of the natural brain

Creation of complite brain-computer interface

Development of new methods for treating brain diseases and techniques for prolonging its active functioning

The phenomenon of consciousness explanation

Foundation Board

Svyatoslav Medvedev
Neurophysiologist. Academician of RAS

Alexey Redozubov

Mikhail Lebedev

Our partners

Institute of the human brain
named after N.P. Bekhtereva